Quants Compete is a robo advisor that provides investment advisory services by automatically investing its client funds in the stock market directly through its interactive website and application. Our proprietary, algorithmic trading models monitor the market for opportunities, and once identified, they automatically execute the trade on behalf of the client. In other words, once an individual chooses Quants Compete as their internet-based investment advisor, they leave the stock, ETF and option trading to us.

Our Story

Identifying the Problem, Recognizing the Solution and Striving for Excellence with Quant Compete
Identifying the Problem

Many individuals avoid participating in the stock market due to intimidation, or lack of awareness.

Recognizing the Solution

Quants Compete was developed to address these issues - to alleviate feelings of intimidation and replace them with a sense of confidence.

Striving for Excellence

Earning the trust of our clients is paramount to what we do. Second to this, we are continually focused on advancing our tech.

Our Vision

Helping people of all backgrounds gain access to cutting-edge financial tools and expert investment advice

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Dr. Matthew Jones is a registered investment advisor, and the founder & CEO of Quants Compete
Dr. Matthew Jones

Dr. Matthew Jones is a registered investment advisor, and the founder & CEO of Quants Compete. His quantitative approach to finance began with his early interest in mathematics and science. He earned both his bachelor’s degree (2000) and master’s degree (2004) in mechanical engineering at Clemson University. It was there he began to notice how seemingly unrelated subjects shared specific fundamental principles. This sparked within him a deep curiosity about these connections, and so, he went on to earn a Ph.D. (2011) in physics at Auburn University. It was in this environment that he really began to explore the relationship that exists between physics, mathematics and finance.

Since then, Dr. Jones has held positions including: a university professor, an entrepreneur, and a systems engineer. All the while, he continued to apply his understanding of physics and mathematics to the stock market. However, personal financial achievement took an entrepreneurial turn when Dr. Jones noticed that larger financial brokerages were dramatically reducing their commission fees on stock and option trades. It was at this moment that he saw an incredible opportunity for people with smaller accounts to participate in the stock market.

Dr. Jones is excited to help people achieve their financial goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most of all, he wants to level the playing field by offering cutting-edge financial products to everyone.

This inspired Dr. Jones to found Quants Compete – an unprecedented marketplace that drives competition between Quants (quantitative finance analysts) all to the benefit of small account holders

How Does Quants Compete work?

Register with Quants Compete Mobile Application
Register with Quants Compete

Our mobile app (iOS & Android) can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play.

Complete our Questionnaire at Quants Compete Mobile Application
Complete our Questionnaire

Clients provide information that helps us define their financial goals, risk-tolerance and time-horizon.

Review our Recommendation at Quants Compete Mobile Application
Review our Recommendation

Quants Compete will use the answers to the questionnaire to recommend an investment strategy that the client can either accept or customize.

CreateFund a New Interactive Brokers Account at Quants Compete
Create/Fund a New Interactive Brokers Account

As an internet advisor, client funds must reside in a brokerage account*; and we will manage this account on behalf of the client.

*Quants Compete is designed to never have custodial possession of client money or securities. Rather, all client securities are held in the highly secure custody of their broker (Interactive Brokers LLC). We chose Interactive Brokers as our custodian because of their tech-forward vision and client protections.

Automate your wealth with Quants Compete.