Quants Compete combines low fees with an exceptional user experience. Additionally, we are positioned to serve both the novice investor as well as the more experienced trader.

Why Quants Compete?

We compensate model developers (quants) according to the number of clients who select their model each month. The total compensation to be divided among the quants is what we call the purse. This results in a competitive marketplace where the quants create, refine and maintain the best models possible - all to the benefit of the client!

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Automatic Portfolio Rebalancing

Automatic Portfolio Rebalancing

With automatic portfolio rebalancing, we create a portfolio of stocks and ETFs that align with a client’s financial goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. The aim is to create a diversified portfolio that will help mitigate a variety of risk-types that are associated with investing in securities. We will automatically rebalance the portfolio as the investment percentages change relative to one another over time.

Trading Strategies

In addition to automatic portfolio rebalancing, Quants Compete offers more sophisticated trading models. This is geared toward those who have a greater risk appetite. For example, some of the models we offer incorporate options trading as part of the overall strategy.

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